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Change Email Address or Password

Update Email Address

Step 1: Go into the Account Settings from the home page. 


Step 2: Once in the Account Setting a page will pull up with a list of options, click Update Email Address.


Step 3: You will then be prompted to enter in a new email address. Make sure everything is spelled correctly as this will be your new login information. Click Submit when you're done.


Update Password

 Step 1: Go into Account Settings from the home page.


Step 2: Once in the Account Settings you will see a list to the left that lists off a few options, click Update Password.


Step 3: It will prompt you to put in your old password and then enter a new password. Once you have entered in a password you like, hit Submit

Helpful Hint: When creating your new password, keep in mind new passwords MUST meet the following requirements:

  • Contains a minimum of 8 characters
  • Contains at least one letter
  • Contains at least one number (0-9)


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