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Manage Teams

This article provides instructions to school/organization Administrators on managing their teams within PRIVIT.

Manage Teams

From the HOME page, click Manage Teams, and Administrators are able to create, edit, copy, and retire teams. Also, Administrators can search for athletes and view a list of athletes on a team.


The Administrator can view athletes that have joined a team. To view the athletes of a team, click the Members icon in the same row as the team.

After clicking the Members icon, the list of athletes that joined that team will appear. Administrators will have the following abilities within the list of athletes.

  • View the profile pictures and names of athletes.
  • View and upload documents/forms for athletes.
  • Download emergency information for each team member.
  • Remove a member from a team.
  • Change/Update the Physical Date and Physical Exp. Date all athletes.
  • Send Custom Notifications to parents and athletes.
  • Move athletes to different teams.

To return to the list of teams, click Done at the bottom of the list of athletes.


There are two roles Administrators are able to assign to staff members from the Manage Teams page. (Coach and Medic). When determining which role needs to be assigned, keep in mind the permissions staff member needs to have within Privit Profile™.

1. Coach

When the Coach role is assigned to an staff member, they will only be able to see information relevant to their team. For more information on any staff member with a Coach role, please Click Here.

2. Medic

When the Medic role is assigned to a staff member, they will only be able to see information relevant to the team. Often times this role is assigned to team physicians and athletic trainers. For more information on any staff member with the Medic role, please Click Here.

From the Manage Teams page, click on the Staff icon to assign a role to staff member. 

From the list of staff members, check the box in the appropriate column next to coach and/or medic. To return to the list of teams, click Done.

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