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As an Administrator within PRIVIT, an email will be sent from our solution that contains the email address used for logging in, a temporary password, and a link to the school/organization's Privit website.

NOTE: Be certain to login to the correct school/organization Privit website and check the spam/junk folder for the login email. If no login email was received from PRIVIT, go to and type the school/organization's name in the search box, or contact support at 844-234-4357.


Below are the steps to login as an Administrator:

  1. From the login email, click the website link to access the school/organization's Privit website.
  2. Click the Login button and use the the email address and password that was provided in the email.
  3. Read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  4. Change the password.


Not receiving an email to login? Visit the Not Receiving Email section of the Help Center for details.

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