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PRIVIT is transforming the paper-based pre-participation physical evaluation process with PRIVIT. Developed on PRIVIT's secure and patented technology, PRIVIT is designed to provide a comprehensive health history to help improve the health and safety of athletes.

Athletic Trainers are able to see information relevant to their athletes and be able to do the following:

Within Manage Teams:

  • View profile images and names of athletes
  • Search for an individual athlete
  • Upload documents for athletes
  • If applicable, change/update the clearance statuses and review the history notes associated with this status
  • Ability to download all athletes' emergency information
  • Send Custom Notifications
  • If applicable, edit the Physical Date and Physical Exp. Date for team members
  • If applicable, download any PRIVIT standard forms

Downloading Reports: Available types of reports are listed below.

  • Completion Report: The Completion Report provides an overview of the document/form completion for each individual in one place.
  • Team Roster: The Team Roster Report provides a downloadable roster of your team. The athlete’s name, clearance status and the cleared on date display.
  • Batch Download: The Batch Download allows you to download a specific completed for all members on your team. 
  • Incident Report*: This report pulls information on submitted incidents through the PRIVIT Sideline App within a certain date range. This report will only become available if an incident has been logged within the PRIVIT Sideline App.

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