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E-PPE Questionnaire

NOTE: Existing users (prior to July 28, 2015) must choose your role upon first log in after July 28, 2015. The role should be selected for the first name listed on the account. (If an athlete's name is listed first then choose Student/Athlete from the pop up).

E-PPE Questionnaire

Depending on the school/organization's setup within PRIVIT, the E-PPE Questionnaire might be required to complete. The E-PPE Questionnaire is typically completed for member participating in athletics through a school/organization. Completing the questionnaire allows the printing of forms and a staff member to update an athlete's clearance status.

If you do not see the E-PPE Questionnaire in your students profile that school may not require it.

Step 1:To begin your questionnaire, click Start button to the right of E-PPE Questionnaire. (If Start is not available, be certain the Personal Details are 100% complete).


NOTE: In order to start the E-PPE questionnaire, the Personal Details MUST be 100% complete. If you do not see the E-PPE Questionnaire then your school may not require it. 

Schools can pick and chose what sections they want to be included in the E-PPE Questionnaire. There are 17 sections to chose from so depending on the school some Questionnaires are shorter than others. Each section of the questionnaire has required questions that are indicated by a red asterisk*. In order for a section to be considered 100% complete, the required questions need to be answered. Questions and Sections can be skipped and completed at a later time.

Step 2: Start filling out the information to the best of your knowledge.

NOTE: If you start filling this out and you need to find a document or you need to ask a doctor about something to be sure, you can always "Save and Exit and all information that was previously input will be saved.


Helpful Hint: If a question or a section is skipped, the status of each section is indicated by a red, yellow, or green line below the section title. In addition, to the right of the section title is the percentage complete. These visual indicators will help to know which sections are complete and incomplete.

Dynamic Content

If answer ‘Yes’ to a question, the question will prompted you to explain and provide additional information.


Helpful Hint: Under the same question, if there is more than one symptom to document, the question will ask if you want to document another symptom. If ‘Yes’ is selected, the section will expand asking to record another symptom.

Step 3: At the bottom of each section there is a check box next to a statement that reads ‘I have thoroughly read all the questions on this page and answered them to the best of my knowledge.*’ In order for a section to be 100% complete, this check box must be checked. After that has been checked hit Next to move onto the next section. This automatically saves all the information in that section and the information in the previous sections.


View Completion

From the HOME page, the completion percentage of the E-PPE questionnaire can be reviewed. If the E-PPE questionnaire is not 100% complete, one of the sections is most likely missing required information.

Additionally, the Print and Sign Documents icons only become available on the HOME page after the questionnaire is 100% complete.


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