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Account Settings

 Account Settings 

In this area you are able to:

  • Change Email Address (keep your email address up-to-date)
  • Change Password (Update your password)
  • Update Name (Change the first name listed on the account)
  • Manage your e-signature (create your e-signature)
  • Manage Family Accounts (Create any added members' e-signature)


Your Information

Under Your Information, the following features are all optional depending on your school/organization:

  • Personal Details, e-PPE Questionnaire, and other forms
  • Join Team(s) (this is where you join a team)
  • Cleared for Sports Status (check if your status has been cleared to play sports)


Your Account

  • Manage Documents (Upload documents to your profile)
  • Manage Teams (View your assigned teams and members)
  • Reports (Download Completion Report, Team Roster, and Batch Download)
  • Athletes Signature (If you have an added member to your account)
  • Print Documents (this is where you print out or review documents)


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