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Depending on the school/organization's setup within PRIVIT, the Personal Details segment might be required to be completed for the athlete. Click Start next to Personal Details to start completing the required information. The Personal Details should contain the athlete's information. 


Potentially, there can be up to six components to complete (Personal Information, Primary Insurance, Emergency Contacts, etc.). You can navigate between sections by clicking the Next and Previous arrows, or by clicking on the section number (i.e. click 1 Personal Information) in the numbered boxes.

NOTE: The Personal Details segment MUST be completed to 100%. Also, by clicking Save and Exit at the bottom of any of the sections, the information will be saved and can be completed at a later time. Additionally, click Save and Exit when all sections within the Personal Details are completed.

Personal Information

This section is to be filled out with the Athlete's information. Enter the athlete's name, birthday, gender, address, and phone number. Required fields to be completed are indicated with a red asterisk.  If there is no red asterisk next to the field, then they are optional. If any of this information changes, just press the update button (It will be in the same spot as the "Start" button) and you will be able to make these changes easily.


Helpful Hint: Before selecting your State/Province, select the country. After selecting the country, the State/Province drop down selection becomes populated with the appropriate information. (For instance, if United States is selected, all states will be provided in the drop down box.)

Primary Insurance

The Insurance sections may or may not be required by the school/organization. The insurance sections include: Primary Insurance, Secondary Insurance, and Dental Coverage.                  

If Primary Insurance is not required, the option to skip this section will be provided. If the box is checked next to Skip/not required, this section will be marked as complete. If there was a Secondary Insurance section, this section may disappear if you select "Skip/Not Required" however, both sections will be saved as completed.

If Primary Insurance is required, there are a couple of options to consider: ‘Government Health Insurance (ex. Medicare),’ ‘Primary medical insurance through your organization,’ or complete the required insurance information as indicated with a red asterisk.

If either of the boxes next to ‘Government Health Insurance (ex. Medicare)’ or ‘Primary medical insurance through your organization’ it will result in the form being completed. If the check boxes are not available, the Primary Insurance section is required to be completed. 


NOTE: If the required information for the Primary Insurance is completed, notice in the subscriber section. The box next to the name can be checked to have the information copied from the first section-Personal Information.


NOTE: If the box is checked next to the name, the information will not pre-populate the fields, but the section will collapse just showing your name and the checked box.

Secondary Insurance

The secondary insurance is optional, and by answering No or if applicable, by checking the box next to Secondary medical insurance provided through your organization the section will be complete. To provide a secondary insurance, answer Yes and provide information similar to the Primary Insurance section.


Dental Coverage

Similarly, the Dental Coverage may not be required, or it could be included in your primary insurance, or provided by your organization. If Dental Coverage is not required, the option to skip will be available in this section. If the box is checked next to Skip/not required, this section will be marked as complete.

If either of the boxes next to ‘Included in primary medical insurance’ or ‘Dental insurance provided through your organization’ it will result in the form to being completed.

If dental insurance is not included in any other insurances, the required information will need to be completed as indicated with a red asterisk.


Family Physician

The only information required in the Family Physician section are the name and phone number of the primary care physician. If needed, check the N/A box to skip this section.


Emergency Contacts

The Emergency Contacts section provides contact information for two additional people in the event of an emergency. One or two emergency contacts might be required to complete. However, the third emergency contact is optional, and it can be skipped by checking the box next to N/A.

Save time and repetition by checking the box next to Same as personal if the address for Emergency Contact 1 is the same as the address in the first section-Personal Information.


If the second emergency contact has the same address as your first emergency contact, check the box next to Same as Emergency Contact 1.

Helpful Hint: If a question or a section is completed or skipped, the status of each section is indicated by a red, yellow, or green line below the section title. In addition, to the right of the section title is the percentage complete. These visual indicators will help you know which sections are complete and which sections need to be completed.


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