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Copy a Team

Administrators have the ability to copy current and retired teams. This functionality makes it easy to create multiple teams within the same sport (ie. men’s and women’s sports) or to create teams for subsequent years. When using the copy feature for a team, the authorized users/staff, the sport, and the description from that team are copied to the new team.

NOTE: When copying a current or retired team, the roster (athlete profiles) are NOT copied. All athletes will have to join the new copied team, as they normally would when joining a team. 

Below are the steps to copy a current or retired individual team.

  1. To copy a team, click Manage Teams from the home page.
  2. Click the Copy icon in the same row as a current or retired team. 
  3. Confirm to copy the team, and the box ‘Retire copied team’ can be checked. This will automatically retire the copied team and remove it from the current Team List. To confirm the copy process, click Copy.
  4. After clicking Copy, a new team will be created in the current team list. Next, the Edit Team Profile page will appear, where updates can be made to the newly copied team. No updates have to be made to the newly copied team. 
  5. When finished with the updates, click Update.

Then the Manage Teams page will appear with the newly copied team. 

Helpful Hint:

To copy multiple current teams, check the boxes next to the appropriate teams. This will open a batch action menu at the top of the list of teams. Confirm the appropriate teams are checked, and click the Copy icon next to Batch Actions.


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