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Update Clearance Status

The Clearance Status can be managed by a staff member with the Medic Role or Coordinator role within a school/organization. Most often, this staff member will be assigned the Medic role and assigned to a specific team. 

The Clearance Status is manually updated for each athlete and used to change an athlete's status from Pending to Cleared, Cleared with or without Restrictions, Deferred, or Not Fit prior to or during your athletic season. Also the Clearance Status will display on the athlete's Home page.

Updating Clearance Status

To change a clearance status, start by clicking Manage Teams on the home page and then click Members next to a team. The following steps will change the clearance status of any member of an assigned team:

Step 1: Click the Pencil next to the listed Clearance Status. (If you do not see the pencil, make sure that you have the Medic role turned on for your role. Instructions for changing your role can be found here.)

Step 2: Select the appropriate radio buttons next to the listed statuses. (Any status besides "With No Restrictions" allows a comment to be entered, which will be displayed on the athlete's home page.) Enter the date, your name, and role in the fields and click Save.

The athlete's Clearance Status should be updated in the list of team members and on other reports.

Clearance History

View any athlete's history related to the Clearance Status by clicking the Athlete Profile icon within members of a team.



Within the Athlete Profile, click the down arrow for the clearance section. Then click on History to see the history of the athlete's clearance status being updated. 


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