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Helpful Tips for Parents and Athletes

Help CenterThis Reference Guide provides an overview of Privit Profile™. If you are just getting started with Privit Profile™, we encourage you to review the Parent/Athlete How To Guides first (available from the Help Center).

Privit Profile™ provides you with a robust Help Center that is accessible right from the software. Within the Help Center you will find: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), How To Guides, Video Tutorials, and Submit a Request.

Helpful Tips:

  • Once you enter your information, you can easily keep your personal health information current anywhere Internet access is available. Save time and eliminates duplication of information year over year!
  • Should you forget how to access your school/organization's Privit Profile™ website, visit:, search for the name. Be sure to click on the appropriate school/organization from the list. (If there are multiple organizations with the same name check the city and state to ensure you have the correct location.)
  • When creating your new password, keep in mind new passwords must meet the following requirements: contain a minimum of 8 characters, at least one letter, and at least one number (0-9).
  • If there is trouble printing forms, be certain the athlete has joined a team, or if applicable, complete the Personal Details and e-PPE questionnaire to 100%.
  • After completing the required forms, athletes MUST join a team. To do this, click Update to the right of Joined Teams from the home screen and check the box next to the appropriate teams.

IMPORTANT: This step cannot skipped as it is critical for staff to review the eligibility status, emergency information, and see the athlete on a team roster.

Joining a Team:

Joining a Team

Under Joined Teams, check the box next to the appropriate team(s).

Simply uncheck the box next to a team to remove an athlete from the team.

Some teams may require a password before joining. Passwords are distributed from the school/organization. Teams marked with an asterisk inside brackets [*] will require a password.

When joining a team that requires a password, after checking the box next to the team name a window will appear asking for the password. Enter the password and click Join to be added to the team.


Upload Documents:

Parents/Guardians now have the ability to upload PDF and jpg forms to the athlete's profile. To upload a form, click the Manage Documents icon on the home page. Each user has the ability to upload a document having a 10 MB size limit.

In addition, coaches, athletic trainers, and administrators who have system permissions will have the ability to upload forms to athletes' profiles, if the athlete has joined a team.


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