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To view a video tutorial for adding a family member, click here.

To complete any of the forms, the athlete will need to be added by clicking Add Member on the home page. This feature allows the managing of multiple athletes within an account without the hassle of registering new accounts for each family member. In other words, if there are multiple athletes in a family, the family does not need to register again. 

Added family members may copy certain demographic and family health data from other family members, eliminating the need to fill out the information a second time.

Step 1: Click Add Member on your HOME page.



Step 2: Fill in the the required information and ignore Enable Login. The last name of the new family member will be pre-populated, but it can be changed if needed. Click Add Member when finished.

Step 3: Copy data (If adding the first member to the account, skip to Step 4)

From the Copy Data page, completed e-PPE questionnaire family data and demographics data can be copied from one family member to another, saving time and effort in retyping the same information. First, select a family member in the From column. 

Second, check the appropriate boxes in the Select Data To Copy column. Any information not being copied can be completed after successfully adding the family member.

Lastly, select the appropriate family member in the To column, on the right, the information will be copied to. Review the information to be copied. If everything is accurate, click Copy Data.

Step 4: From the home page, click on the added member's name on the left. Complete the missing information by clicking Start next to their Personal Details, e-PPE Questionnaire, or any other forms.


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