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Managing School/Organization Settings

Managing Organization Settings

To manage the school/organization’s profile, from your HOME page, and click the Manage Organization icon.

On the Manage Organization page you will see four tabs:

1. Basic Info                3. Settings

2. Website                   4. Forms

1. Basic Info

Under the Basic Info tab, some of the fields are prepopulated with the information provided to PRIVIT® during the initial implementation process. If any of the fields are incorrect, please update them under this tab.

NOTE: If any updates are made to the Basic Info tab, click Apply to save the changes. To return to the HOME page, click OK.

2. Website


The Website tab contains information displayed within the school/organization's Privit website. The Website tab links the school/organization’s logo, in the upper left hand corner, to its website. If this field is blank the logo doesn’t link to anything. We recommend linking the logo to the school/organization’s website or the athletic department’s website.

Alternate Website Link and Alternate Website Title

The Alternate Links and Title fields allow an additional website under the school/organization's name and/or logo at the top of the page. For example, to direct users to an alternate website, Administrators can conveniently link to that website.

In the Alternate Website Link field, add the web address of the website you want to add. Then in the Alternate Website Title field, add the text you want to display.

Example of the Manage Organization Area fields:

Example of what would appear at the top of your page:

Welcome Message

The Welcome Message can be customized and it is the first message users see after they register or login. We recommend including simple instructions on this page and any other message to communicate to the users.

Organization Logo

This feature allows an image of the logo that appears on the landing page of the school/organization's Privit Profile™ website. To change the school/organization’s logo, click Browse, and select the image from where it is saved.

NOTE: Logos can be uploaded as JPG or PNG, 109X87 pixels and no larger than 100 kb.

Header Display

You have the option to display the organization/school logo, name, or logo and name together by selecting the button next to the option you wish to display. 

NOTE: Remember if any updates are made to the Website tab, click Apply to save your changes. To return to the HOME page, click OK.

3. Settings

The Settings tab contains technical information that impacts the functionality of the school/organization's Privit Profile™ website.                                                                                                      

Consent Age

The Consent Age field is the age that is set for the legal age an athlete is allowed to electronically sign forms and complete their profile without their parent’s consent. The default age is 18.

NOTE: If the Consent Age is 18, the parent e-signature line will not appear on the forms.

Expiration Date

The ‘Expiration Date’ field is used to indicate when it is time to update athletes' profiles. This date is based off the athletic seasons and how often the school/organization requires athletes to submit their health history information and physical.

Physical Date & Expiration Date:

Athletes' physical date and physical expiration dates can be tracked by utilizing the Physical Date & Expiration Date feature. If this feature has been enabled, a Physical Date and Physical Exp. Date field will appear within Manage Teams. Only the authorized staff members can enter these dates for athlete. However all staff members can view these dates within the Manage Teams.

NOTE: Parents/guardians and students/athletes are not able to view or edit these dates.

Important Note: Once the feature has been enabled, team members must first log in prior to having the ability to edit dates.

Team Membership Before Report Printing

If you select ‘Optional’ next to this section, athletes will be able to download and print the forms without joining a team. By selecting ‘Required,’ the athletes are required to join a team before downloading or printing forms.

Family Module

By enabling this module, the Add Member icon will appear on the HOME page. If you disable this feature then each athlete will have to create a unique login by registering, regardless if they are in the same family or not.

NOTE: Remember if any updates are made to the Settings tab, click Apply to save the changes. To return to the HOME page, click OK.

4. Forms

The Forms section contains options about the different sections contained in e-PPE questionnaire.

e-PPE Questionnaire

For the immunization section within the e-PPE questionnaire, all users are required to indicate if they have or have not been immunized. If the immunizations section is required, click the radio button next to ‘Required.’ If the dates are optional, click the radio button next to ‘Optional.’


If the school/organization has identification numbers, Administrators have the ability to require athletes to enter this information in the Organization ID field in the ‘Demographics’ section. This field can be labeled in the blank field next to ‘Organizational ID Label.’

Medical Insurance

If the school/organization requires medical insurance information from athletes, make this section required.

Dental Insurance

If the school/organization requires dental insurance information from athletes, make this section required.

Allow Optional Secondary Address


If school/organization requires to request a secondary address from the athletes, turn this setting on by checking the box next to Allow Optional Secondary Address. This setting allows both a primary and secondary address, which is useful for athletes who are attending university or college. The secondary address will appear for athletes in their Personal Details.

Download & Print Reports

The Download & Print Reports section allows administrators to choose which forms to make available for their parents/athletes to download, upload, print, or e-sign. Below are the definitions for all forms, standard or custom, when adjusting the settings for each form:

  • Display? = no:  The form will not appear for parents/athletes.
  • Format? = Electronic: Users will be required to electronically sign this form. As a result of this choice, the “Apply Electronic Signature?” option will be required.
  • Format? = Download/Upload Hard Copy: Users will be required to download a copy of this document and sign the form.
  • Apply Electronic Signature? = Yes: Users will be required to electronically sign this form. As a result of this choice, the “Apply Electronic Signature?” option will be required.
  • Apply Electronic Signature? = No: Users will not be required to electronically sign this form.
  • Upload Required = No: Users will not be required to upload this form.
  • Upload Required = Yes: Users will be required to upload this form. 
  • Document Type: Choose the type of document from the dropdown that will appear when a user is electronically signing or uploading this form.

NOTE: The Document Type option will only appear for custom forms for an school/organization. Remember if any updates are made to the Forms tab, click Apply to save the changes. To return to the HOME page, click OK.

Helpful Hint:

In the event there is something missing or incorrect in any of the fields populated, e-PPE will open the right tab and ask to correct the error, skipping to the next problem until all errors have been corrected.

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