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Managing Team Members

As the coach you are able to view the athletes associated with a team. To view the members of a team, go to the Manage Teams page, and click the Members icon next to the sport where you want to view the members. 

Athletes will join teams themselves during the registration process. It is not necessary for coaches to assign athletes to teams.

After clicking the Members icon, you will be directed to the Team Member List page. As the Coach you will be able to see the profile pictures, names, as well as the date of last physical and physical expiration date (if you organization has this setting enabled) for the athletes. In addition, you have the ability to upload documents for athletes, view the cleared for sports status, review emergency information for each athlete, send notifications, and remove an athlete from a team. When you have completed reviewing the information you need for team athletes, click Done.

Remove Team Members

To remove a team member, click the 3 ellipses and select the trash can icon which is labeled remove. You will be asked to confirm the action. This does not delete the athlete’s profile, it only removes them from the team.

As a coach, you have the ability to send custom notifications to your athletes. Visit the Custom Notifications article in the Help Center to view instructions on sending custom notifications.


e-PPE Completion (If applicable) 

To view the e-PPE completion page for a team, click the e-PPE flag on the team you wish to view.

From this page, you will see a profile picture, name, email, the status of both the e-PPE form and Demographics completion. You will also have the ability to notify team members that have not completed their profile.

To notify from this page, click the box and click Notify Selected at the top of the page. This will send a notification to the athlete that they need to complete their profile.


From within the Reports section, you will be able to view two types of reports. The Summary Report and the Roster Report.


The Summary Report will give you a team summary that includes the coach, medical personnel and a list of the athletes. It also provides quick access to the athletes status (cleared or not cleared for sports) and a list of contact phone numbers for each athlete.



The Roster Report will give a list of all athletes on the team along with a photo and their status (cleared or not cleared for sports).


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