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Updating/Archiving/Restoring Forms

Forms that need to be updated and out of date documents need to be archived using the Archive Document functionality. For a quick and easy Archive Solution at the beginning of the year there is an Archive All within the Manage Documents page. This will Archive all documents within the active tab at that point of time.

To have a document deleted, please contact our Help Line at 844.234.4357 or by clicking here to send an email.

Archiving Documents

Step 1: From the Athlete's profile scroll all the way to the bottom to find Manage Documents, click it.


Step 2: This will bring up a page with an Active and an Archived tab.


Step 3: Within the Active tab find the document you want archived. to the far right of the documents name there will be three dots. Click these and they will pull down a drop down with the options of Edit and Archive. Click the Archive.


Step 4: The document will then move to the Archived tab. (To submit a new form, return to the home page)

Step 5: Click the Archive tab to view archived documents.

 NOTE: Archiving a document doesn't delete it. However, you are the only person able to view it. The schools typically do a batch archive at the end/beginning of each year. This means all your documents will be automatically archived (if not simply use the steps above to archive the documents).


Restoring Documents

Step 1: From your Athlete's profile, scroll all the way down to Manage Documents.


Step 2: A page should appear with two tabs, Active and Archived. Click the Archived tab.


Step 3: A page will appear with all the documents that have been archived from your profile. Find the document that you want restored and click the three little dots on the far right. 

Step 4: This will pull down a drop down menu with the option to Restore. If you click that the document will be put back into the Active tab.


NOTE: When Restoring a document, it saves the signatures. You should not have to resign anything you restore.


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