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Create login for student/athlete's e-signature

Depending on the school/organization's setup within PRIVIT, an email address might be needed for the athlete's e-signature. This will allow the athlete to log in and apply their e-signature to any documents.

As a parent/guardian, first grant log in access for the athlete. This can be accomplished through the Account Settings. Enabling a login will allow the athlete to apply their e-signature to any documents.

If you have not done so already, the parent/guardian needs to create and apply their e-signature to the appropriate forms.

Click here for an article that provides step by step instructions for creating and managing the parent/guardian e-signature.

After applying the parent/guardian e-signature, the athlete will need to be added as a family member. Do NOT create or register a separate account for each athlete. Simply click Add Member on the home screen and enable a log in for the athlete during the process. 

Click here for an article that provides step by step instructions for adding a family member.

Next, create the log in for the athlete so they may create and apply their own e-signature to the forms.

*If you are a student over the age of 18 and attending a university, you will automatically have access to apply your e-signature to the forms and you do not need to enable a login.

Existing users* (prior to July 28, 2015) will need to log in, choose your role and navigate to the account settings area and add email addresses for each family member.


The steps below will enable a login for the athlete to apply their e-signature to forms. 

  1. After adding the athlete as a family member, click Account Settings from your Home screen.
  2. Click Manage Family Accounts on the left.
  3. Select the appropriate family member from the Family Member drop-down.
  4. Check the Enable Login box.

5. After checking enable login, additional details will appear requesting an email address and password for the athlete.

NOTE: Each athlete's email address MUST be different than email address for the parent/guardian.

6. Enter the log in details for the athlete and click Submit.

7. Click on the name in the top right and select Log Out from the drop-down.

8. The athlete will now be able to log in with the email address and password that was assigned to them by the parent/guardian. Then create and apply their e-signature to the forms. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The athlete can either use the reset password functionality to re-send themselves the log in information, or the parent/guardian can provide the log in credentials to the athlete by viewing the Manage Family Accounts.


*New users will need to include family members email addresses during the registration process and check the Enable Login option during the Add Family Member process as seen in the below screenshot.


Once the athlete has been added with an enabled login, the athlete may log in and apply their e-signature to the appropriate forms. 


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