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Completion Status

Depending on the school/organization's setup, a Completion Status bar might appear at the top of the athlete's home page. The Completion Status indicates if all forms have been submitted correctly through the school/organization's setup. The completion status is automatically updated as the forms are completed within the athlete's profile.

Submission Incomplete:

This status means there is most likely incomplete forms (missing e-signatures or a form needs to be uploaded) or the athlete needs to join a team. To view why the Submission is incomplete, please hover the cursor over the completion status or touch the status if you are using a smart phone or tablet. 


Submission Complete:

This status means that athlete has all required forms completed through PRIVIT based on the school/organization's setup. For instance, if all e-signatures have been applied to the appropriate forms, the athlete has joined a team, and uploaded any necessary documents, the status will read as Submission Complete. 


If applicable, the next step requires a staff member at the school/organization to manually update the clearance status for the athlete. To find out when the clearance status will be updated by a staff member, we recommend contacting the Athletic Department of the athlete's school/organization. For more information on the PRIVIT Clearance Status, please click on the link below.

PRIVIT Clearance Status

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