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Completion Status

Completion Status bar will appear at the top of the athlete's home page. The Completion Status indicates if all forms have been submitted correctly. The completion status is automatically updated as the forms are completed within the athlete's profile. To view the completion status, click on your athlete's name on home page, regardless of the pending, cleared, or not cleared. 

If the completion status shows an orange "Submission Incomplete", I recommend clicking the "Click Here for Details" link or clicking/hovering over the submission incomplete to see a pop up for what forms needs to be completed. Everything in these pop ups are links that will take you straight to whatever needs to be completed. If the completion status shows a green "Submission Complete", then the athlete should be good to go and you can log out.


Submission Incomplete:

This status means there is most likely incomplete forms (missing e-signatures or a form needs to be uploaded) or the athlete needs to join a team. To view why the Submission is incomplete, please hover the cursor over the completion status or touch the status if you are using a smart phone or tablet. You can also click the "Click Here for Details" link provided for you below the Status Completion bar. Everything within these pop ups are links that will take you directly to what is incomplete within the profile.




 NOTE: "Click Here for Details", when clicked will pull up a pop up that has a list of everything needed to be done in order to complete the submission. Everything within that list is a link that will take you to where ever you need to go to finish the submission. For example if "Joined Teams" comes up in that list, you can simply click on "Joined Teams" within the pop up and take you straight to the joined teams page. 




 Submission Complete:

This status means that athlete has all required forms completed through PRIVIT based on the school/organization's setup. For instance, if all e-signatures have been applied to the appropriate forms, the athlete has joined a team, and uploaded any necessary documents, the status will read as Submission Complete. 

NOTE: If applicable, the next step requires a staff member at the school/organization to manually update the clearance status for the athlete. To find out when the clearance status will be updated by a staff member, we recommend contacting the Athletic Department of the athlete's school/organization. For more information on the PRIVIT Clearance Status, please click on the link below.

PRIVIT Clearance Status



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