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Clearance Status

Depending on the school/organization's setup, a Clearance Status bar might appear at the top of the athlete's home page. The Clearance Status bar indicates if a staff member at the school/organization has manually updated clearance status. The Clearance Status is most commonly updated by the Administrator or authorized staff member at the organization/school.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the clearance status is “pending” this means the administrator or staff member of the school/organization has not yet manually logged in on their end and updated the clearance status. The administrator or responsible staff member should be able to confirm when the clearance status will be updated for the athlete. The clearance status is not automatically updated when the profile is complete. 

Viewing Different Clearance Statuses

Until Personal Details and/or e-PPE Questionnaire is 100% completed, the Clearance Status will read "Incomplete Questionnaire" as seen below.

The Clearance Status can be viewed anytime on the athlete's profile. The athlete's clearance status will automatically read as Pending if the Personal Details and/or e-PPE questionnaire are 100% complete.

HINT: Be certain the athlete has joined a team or a staff member will not be able to update the clearance status. For more information on how to join a team click here

When hovering the cursor over the Clearance Status bar and the status is labeled as Pending, the following message in the image will appear.

It is the responsibility of an authorized staff member from the school/organization to update the athlete's clearance status. Once the clearance status is updated, the status will read "Cleared" or "Not Cleared", and there might be a message in the status. 



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