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How do I manage multiple family members involved at the same school/organization?

Privit Profile™ allows you to add multiple family members and manage their health information on the same account. Demographic information and family medical history can be copied to family members (if applicable).

The steps will allow a member to be added to your account. 

Step 1. Add New Member.

Click Add Member from your HOME page.

Step 2. Complete the add member information. (The last name of the new family member will be pre-populated, but it can be changed if needed.)

Click Add Member when finished.

Step 3. Copy demographic and family history information (if applicable). 

From the ‘Copy Data’ page, demographic and family history information can be copied from member to member. 

Important Note: The demographic information must be completed prior to adding another member.  

Step 4. Complete any missing information.

When finished with copying the information, you will be directed back to the HOME page. You should see your new family member listed.

Visit the Manage Family section of the Help Center for further details.

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