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How do I upload or delete a document?

Before uploading, you will need to either scan the document into your computer or take a photo of the document with your tablet or smartphone*. Please be certain the documents are being uploaded in the correct profile.

Whether you use a scanner or mobile device, it is recommended that you use a small resolution to avoid any uploading errors when uploading the file. The size limit is 10 MB.

To delete a document, please contact our support team at 844.234.4357 or click here to submit a ticket.

Step 1: Click Manage Documents from the athlete's home screen. Next, click Upload Document near the top right. 

Step 2: Click Browse to select the scanned document. (If you are accessing this page from a mobile device, you should be prompted to take a picture of your document or select a photo of the document from the photo album.)

Step 3: From the drop down next to ‘Document Type,’ select the name of the document type you are uploading. (Also there is an optional ability to add a comment to provide additional information to identify your document.)

Step 4: Click Upload.

Step 5: You should be directed back to the athlete's ‘Manage Documents’ page. You should see the uploaded document and any other documents that have been submitted.

Helpful Hint:

Each document has a 10 MB size limit. In addition, Coaches, Athletic Trainers, and Administrators should have the ability to upload documents for any athletes at their school or organization.

For a full guide on managing documents visit the Manage Documents area of the Help Center.

*PRIVIT® does not endorse any specific app for smartphones. For assistance with any app, please contact the apps technical support department.

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