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Is My Data Safe?

Privit Profile™ is a comprehensive and interactive personal health questionnaires that is secure and compliant with International privacy laws, including: HIPAA, PIPEDA, and FERPA. Our technology is transforming how individuals and organizations are managing and sharing personal health information.

At PRIVIT® Inc., we take data security seriously. Privit Profile™ is hosted at a Tier 4 data center. Tier 4 data centers are the most robust and less prone to failures (ie. going offline, being hacked, etc.). They are equipped with fully redundant subsystems and compartmentalized security zones with biometric security access. In addition, we use Military-Grade AES Encryption which was established by the United States Government’s National Institute of Standards and Technology. Every response to the questions in your personal health profile is encrypted using this standard.

If you have additional security related questions, please submit a request through the support portal and we will be glad to provide a detailed answer.

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