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How do I join a team?

To view a video tutorial for joining teams, click here.

The following instructions should allow the athlete to join a team.

Step 1: From the athlete's profile, please click the blue button that says ‘Update' to the right Joined Teams. Next, you should see a list of teams created by your school or organization.

Step 2: Click the check box next to the appropriate teams.

Step 3: Click ‘Done' at the bottom of the listed teams when finished. (Please be certain at least one of the boxes is checked from the team list or the athlete's name will not appear to the school or organization.

If no teams are available to join, the administrator of the school or organization has not yet created any teams for athletes to join. You may either contact the administrator of your school or organization, or contact Privit for additional information (844.234.4357).

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