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Retiring Teams / Viewing Retired Teams

This article is for school/organization administrators preparing for their next athletic season. Before the next athletic season is ready to begin, he highly recommend retiring the teams listed from the previous athletic seasons. In other words, retiring a team is the same as archiving a team and multiple teams can be retired at one time. Retired teams have limited reporting abilities, cannot be undone, and can only be copied.

Retire a Team

Below are the instructions for retiring a team.

  1. From the Manage Teams page, find the appropriate team and click the Retire icon in the same row.
  2. Confirm you want to retire the team by clicking OK.
  3. A second confirmation is required as a security measure and it reads "This operation cannot be undone. Are you sure you want to continue?". Click OK.

Viewing Retired Teams

After retiring a team, the team that was just retired will not be listed on the current teams. To view a list of retired, click List Retired Teams icon at the top of the Manage Teams page.

From the Retired Teams page, the Administrator can view the team summary or copy the team. The copy team function works the same as the copy function on the Manage Team page.

The Summary Report provides information on the listed staff members and the athletes that joined the team prior to the team being retired. 

Helpful Hint:

To retire multiple teams, check the boxes next to the appropriate teams. This will open a batch action at the top of the teams. After checking the appropriate teams, click the Retire icon to the right of Batch Actions.




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