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How do I add a new staff members or authorized users?

If this is a newly created organization, the only users you will see are the initial Administrators provided during the original set up for the school or organization. These Administrators can add additional staff or authorized personnel.

Administrators will be able to add personnel from the Manage Users page, and grant them the correct viewing rights based on their role. Below is a quick reference of the process:

  • Click Manage Users from the home page. 
  • From the Manage Users page, click Add User.
  • Enter the email address for the individual you want to add and click Next. (Privit Profile­™ will search to see if the user is already in the system.)
  • If the person is not in the system you will need to enter his/her information by completing the fields on the Create New User page, and click Create. (If the user is in the system, verify the email address and click the Add User icon.)
  • After you create a new user he/she will receive an email saying an account was created for him/her with your organization. This email will provide the user with their email address for logging in, a link to the website, and their temporary password.
  • You will want to repeat this process until all authorized users are entered.
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