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How do I reset my password or not receiving Privit Profile™ emails?

To reset your password, go to your school's or organization's PRIVIT website and click the Login button. (To find your school's or organization's website, go to and type the name in the search box to search for your school's or organization's custom PRIVIT website.)

Under the password field, you will see a “Forgot Password” link. 

Click the Forgot Password link, then type in the email address for your account and click Submit. An email should be sent to that email address containing the information to reset your password.

If you are not receiving emails from Privit Profile™ (e.g., registration confirmation, lost password, etc.), please check the following:

  • Double check your inbox is not full.
  • Be certain you are not blocking email from
  • Check your Spam/Junk Folder.

If you are still not receiving Privit Profile™ emails, please contact our support team at 844-234-4357. 

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