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Registering For PRIVIT

This article provides information on how to register an account with PRIVIT. If this is the first time using PRIVIT, the registration process will need to be completed. If you have made an account previously, there is no need to re-register. You can simply login using your email and password if you remember it. If not, you can call the Help Line at 844.234.4357 and they can use the school/organization name and your student's name to look it up.

Each component the athlete's profile must be completed and depending on the school/organization's process, incomplete medical evaluations could result in medical ineligibility. As a result, not being allowed to practice or compete until this evaluation has been determined to be complete.

Registration and Login

Go to the PRIVIT link provided by the school/organization or go to and type your school/organization in the search bar, click enter. Be certain the appropriate school/organization is being selected. 

Step 1: Click Register from the landing page.




Step 2: Enter a parent/guardian's name, email address, password, and select Parent/Guardian in the role. Be sure to select the "I have read and agree to the Terms of Use" button and check that you are not a robot. Then click Sign Up. (Anything marked with an asterisk must be completed to continue the process.)

NOTE: The email address and password used during this registration process will be the login information to access your PRIVIT profile in the future.  


Helpful Hint: When creating your new password, keep in mind new passwords must meet the following requirements:

  • Contains a minimum of 8 characters
  • Contains at least one letter
  • Contains at least one number (0-9)

Should any errors occur during the registration process, a pop-up message or red help messages will appear on the screen and will inform you as to why this error occurred. If you are unable to resolve the error, please contact support by submitting a request at

Common Errors

In this example shows the email address was not entered correctly. After clicking, Log In, if the email is incomplete, all fields will clear and a red statement appears reading: ‘Please enter a valid email address.’


If you forget your password and you are a registered user, you are able to reset your password by clicking Forgot Password, under the Password box. Be sure to type the email correctly and then wait a few minutes for the email. If the email doesn't appear within 1-2 minutes, check your spam/junk folders as they sometimes end up there. If you still have not received an email please contact support by submitting a request at


Next the HOME page should appear where the athlete can be added as a member to the account. All athlete forms and information will be completed in the athlete's profile.


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