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How do I reduce the size of my PDF file or convert my file to a PDF?

If your PDF file is too large, you will need to reduce the size of your PDF to be under 10MB before it may be uploaded.

To do this open your file in Microsoft Word, and then click file -> save as. From here select 'PDF' from the drop down for 'Save as type', and check the box for Minimum Size (publishing online). Then click save. This will ensure that your PDF is as small as possible.

How can I convert my non-.pdf file to a .pdf file?

Save your file to your Desktop

  1. Right click on that saved file

  2. Select “Open” or “Open With”

  3. Select “Microsoft Word”

After the file is loaded into Microsoft word: (Also this process may depend on the version of “Microsoft Word” you have.)

  1. Select “File”

  2. Select “Save As”

  3. When the save window pops up, look for the “Save Type As” drop down menu

  4. Select “PDF” from the drop down menu

  5. Click “Save”

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