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Signing Forms With Parent/Guardian E-Signature

This article provides instructions for parents/guardians who need to apply their e-signature to their student/athlete's forms. After a parent/guardian e-signature has been applied to the forms, they may proceed to the steps for applying the athlete's e-signature by checking out the Creating/Applying the Athlete E-Signature document.

This article is only relevant to schools or organizations that have enabled parent/guardian e-signatures. The athlete's home page will indicate if a parent/guardian e-signature is required for a form. 

Creating Parent/Guardian E-Signature

Step 1: Click on Account Settings from the home page.


Step 2: From the Account Settings, click on Manage Your E-Signature.

Step 3: Click Create New Signature.


Step 4: With the mouse on a computer, click and drag to create the signature within the box. With a smart phone or tablet, use your finger to create the signature in the box.

Step 5: Click Save when finished with the e-signature and you're done. Click Home in the top left to return to the home page and apply the parent/guardian e-signature.



Creating Parent/Guardian Signature Through Signing a Form

Step 1: Click Submit at the bottom of a form or click the blue letters "Click here for Parent/Guardian to sign" below a form on the home page. 


Step 2: A pop up will appear prompting you to create a signature. Click Create New Signature and use the mouse, or your finger if you're on a smart phone or tablet, to create your signature within the box that pops up.


Step 3: Save the parent/guardian e-signature and then click HOME in the top left to return to the home page.

Applying the E-Signature

Step 1: Click on the athlete's profile and click the blue letters "Click here for Parent/Guardian to sign" below the form that was submitted.


Step 2: Check the box agreeing to electronically sign the document and click Sign Document.


After signing, the Manage Documents page will appear. On the signed form, the date stamp of the parent/guardian signature will appear in the Signed On column.


It is not required, but if the PDF is downloaded, it will print on a form with a lock icon and a time and date stamp in the bottom left corner on each page of the form. 


Both Parents/Guardians and athletes can apply e-signatures to forms. To add a family member and enabling them to e-signature, refer to the article on Add Members to Account.


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