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Sending Notifications

Custom notifications can be sent to multiple parents and/or athletes at once. Typically we see this feature used when athletes are incomplete within the completion report or missing have information. A notification is sent as an email and to the messages folder within Privit. 

To send a custom notification, follow the steps below.

1. Click Manage Teams on the home page.

2. Click the Members icon next to a team, or search for an individual athlete with the search function.

3. Check the boxes next to one or more athletes that need to be notified.

4. After checking at least one box, click the Notify button that will appear at the bottom of the list of athletes.

5. Next, a pop up will appear that allows a subject line and body message to parents and/or athletes. A Standard Message is a normal message. A Secure Message will require the recipients to login to their Privit account and click on the messages icon. Click Send when ready to send the notification.


Important Note: To view the sent messages, click Messages on your home page. The email will be from PRIVIT but have the staff member's name in the email. Also all staff member roles can send notifications. Please be certain that the recipient of the notification has set as a safe sender.


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