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How do I apply the athlete e-signature?

The following instructions should give the ability to apply the athlete's e-signature to any documents.

1. First, you will want to be certain you have enabled a login for your athlete, so select Account Settings from the home page.
2. From the Account Settings page, select Manage Family Accounts.
3. From the family member drop down, select your athlete and check the box that says Enable Login. (If there is an email address already listed under Current Email, please skip to step number 6)
4. Please type in a email address for the athlete and create a password. The email address assigned to the athlete needs to be different from the email address that is currently used to login.
5. When finish with assigning a email address and creating a password for the athlete, select Submit.
6. Next, select the name in the top right corner with the gear symbol.
7. From the drop down, select Log Out.
8. Then Login with the email address and password that was just assigned to the athlete.
9. From the athlete's home page, select Manage Documents to create and e-sign documents with the athlete's e-signature.

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