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Coach Introduction

Logging In:

An email should be sent from Privit Profile™ or the Administrator of the school/organization. This email will include the email address used for logging, a temporary password, and a link to the school/organization's Privit website. (If there is an issue logging in, try using the forgot password function or contact our Support Team at 844-234-4357.)

NOTE: Be certain to login to the correct school/organization Privit website. If you have not received a login email, click the Privit Profile™ link provided by the Administrator or go to and type the school/organization's name in the search box.

Manage Teams

To view your team that you are assigned with the Coach role, you will be able to do the following after clicking on Manage Teams on your home page:

Under Members:

  • View profile images and name associated with members on the team.
  • Ability to upload documents on behalf of a team member.
  • If applicable, view the cleared for sports status of a member and history notes associated with this status.
  • If applicable, view the Physical Date and Physical Exp. Date of a member.
  • If applicable, ability to see the Emergency Information download for each individual member and all team members.
  • Ability to remove or search for a member from the team.
  • Ability to send custom notification emails to parents or athletes.

If Applicable, Under e-PPE Completion:

  • View profile images, name, and emails associated with members on the team.
  • View the percent of completion for a member's e-PPE questionnaire and Personal Details.
  • Ability to automatically notify members who still need to complete their e-PPE questionnaire and Personal Details.

Click here, for a complete How To Guide on managing your teams.

Downloading Reports:

If a user is assigned the coach role, the user can see the Reports button on their home page. Available types of reports are listed below.

  • Completion Report: The Completion Report provides an overview of the document/form completion for each individual in one place.
  • Team Roster: The Team Roster Report provides a downloadable roster of your team. The athlete’s name, clearance status and the cleared on date display.
  • Batch Download: The Batch Download allows you to download a specific completed for all members on your team. 


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