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Printing Documents/Forms

Printing Documents

Before you can access the Print Documents button at the bottom of your students profile, there are a few things that need to be completed first. The Personal Details and E-PPE Questionnaire need to be completed and a your student will need to join a team. Links to help finish these are provided here: Personal DetailsE-PPE Questionnaire, and Joining Teams.

Once all three of those are completed you will be able to print the documents your school has provided to you. 

Step 1: In your Student's profile (which you can get to by clicking their name) you will need to scroll all the way to the bottom where you will find the Print Documents button, click that. 


Step 2: By clicking Print Documents you will be taken to the page where you can download and print the necessary forms relevant to your organization/school. (For instance, the physical form). 

NOTE: Some forms on this page require a signature, the picture below shows a Physical packet that requires a parent and an athlete's signature along with the upload. The form has to first be uploaded before the signatures can be applied. If you and your student don't have signatures yet click these links to set them up: Parent E-Signature and Student/Athlete E-Signature.



Step 3: After selecting which forms you would like to print, hit the blue print button at the bottom of the page to print the forms. Once they're all printed you can hit Done.

All listed or completed forms can be downloaded or printed. Forms from this page are generated in PDF format. You will want to be sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view these reports.

Helpful Hint: A link to install Adobe Acrobat Reader is available in the "Instructions" box of the Print Reports page or you can download it by clicking this link:


Click the link and follow the installation instructions.

To view any forms, click on the "Download" link next to the form. the form will open in a tab or browser window. From here, the form can be printed or saved.

If your organization has additional forms you need to review or sign and submit, they will be located in the Additional Forms section on the Print Documents page.


Print All

Multiple forms can be printed by clicking the check boxes next to the various forms, or select all forms by checking the 'Print All' box at the top of the page. After checking the appropriate boxes, scroll to the bottom of the page and clicking Print.


Once you have completed printing or saving your forms, click Done on the bottom of the page to return to your HOME page.

Having trouble with Documents? Click the links below for troubleshooting tips in the FAQ area of the Help Center.

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